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Lou Reads ep 174 – The Forums of Prison Talk

Lou Reads the Internet

Lou Reads the Internet.. for you. Why? Because, why not.

Have you considered marrying a man who you’ve only known through a pen pal connection? In this age of swiping right or left to instantly connect with someone, you can still find some people who are meeting people like it’s 1980 or something! Prison Talk is a forum for the loved ones of people who are somewhere within the prison system of the United States. It’s a support group for those looking to commiserate with others in the same misery boat.

This episode is a departure from the typical grossness and stupidity that I sometimes deal in. There is a lot of head scratching behavior on there, to be sure. But it’s a small glimpse into the world of those, mainly women, who are dealing with a life where revolving door incarceration is the norm. There is no guarantee that they’ll ever actually meet the people they are writing to in person. Or worse that if they do get out of prison there is the chance that they aren’t who they say they are…

I hope you enjoy it.

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What’s Wrong With Simon King Episode 182: Netflix and comedy

What's Wrong with Simon King

What's Wrong With Simon King Episode 182-media-1

What's Wrong With Simon King Episode 182-media-1

Comedian and part time misanthrope Simon King talks about the world and what’s wrong with it.

In this episode, what’s wrong with:

Netflix and standup? This week there’s a guest for a car cast! Yes, a guest! Comedy super friend and master room runner Colin Sharp and Simon King travel up to a gig in a snow storm and talk running comedy rooms and who Netflix is impacting comedy.

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 505 with James Hartnett

Stop Podcasting Yourself
Stop Podcasting Yourself 505 w/ James Hartnett

Stop Podcasting Yourself 505 w/ James Hartnett

Toronto writer and comedian James Hartnett joins Graham Clark and Dave Shumka to talk ’90s internet, the Menendez Brothers, and sleeping on a dang boat. James Hartnett is a prolific comic with performances across Canada and the US including Just For Laughs, San Francisco Sketch Fest, NXNE, and the Toronto Fringe Fest to name a few, and his short films have been shown at Just For Laughs Film Fest, CFC’s Worldwide Short Film Fest, The Calgary International Film Festival, and featured on Tosh.0 (Comedy Central). In addition to standup, James has played a role in the CBC’s modern comedy renewal as a writer for This Hour Has 22 Minutes (CBC), This is That (CBC Radio), The Irrelevant Show (CBC Radio), Because News (CBC Radio), and Punchline.

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Pulling the Trigger with Mark Hughes and guest Roger Street – Episode 3

Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the Trigger with Mark Hughes

Pulling the Trigger with Mark Hughes

Vancouver stand-up comic Mark Hughes is in front of the mic again; this time with long time friend Roger Street. Mark digs in to discuss Roger’s 20 year career as a correctional officer. They talk about conflict resolution, communication skills, what it’s like being an openly gay man working in a prison, and comedy.

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