Bloodfeud: Stand Up vs Improv

Saturday July 21 2018, 12:00 am

Bloodfeud: Stand Up VS Improv

Bloodfeud: Stand Up VS Improv

In the first half, we’ve got a lineup of some of Vancouver’s best stand ups who have been making the rounds in the dark and dank rooms in Vancouver applying their craft to whoever is will tolerate them. The stand ups, who have honed their jokes until they are perfect, come to the Bloodfeud stage to show you what meticulous hard work and dedication can do.

In the second half, a group of happy-go-lucky and “uppity” improvisers, representing the major Improv hubs of Vancouver, and having done nothing to prepare for the night, hit the stage. Using the work of the stand ups as their inspiration, the improvisers will perform a long form set that will show you what training and positive attitudes can do as they improvise a long form piece.

Hosted by Matty Vu and Malcolm McLeod

Little Mountain Gallery
8:00 Door
8:30 Show
10 bucks at the door
5 bucks online (plus service fees)

Address: 195 E 26 Ave, Vancouver
Dates, times, ticket prices subject to change. See venue / club website for details.
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